Our portfolio companies benefit from experienced management, scientists, consultants and investors from all over the world.

The Ascend portfolio today consists of four companies/projects in preclinical and clinical development:

Otologic Pharmaceutics: Clinical and preclinical stage products for the treatment of hearing loss, tinnitus, and Meniere’s Disease. Technologies originating from The Hough Ear Institute and The Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation. Clinical program currently being developed with Oblato.

Recogene Therapeutics: Engineering a non-viral delivery platform for a new class of gene therapy. First indication in treating the Orphan disease, Stargardt Disease. This technology originated from Case Western University and was originally funded by The Harrington Discovery Institute and The Foundation For Fighting Blindness.

Azorilla: Innovative chemistry designed to neutralize and eliminate noxious chemical compounds with applications ranging from consumer products to industrial manufacturing.

Algeron: Clostridium difficile vaccine that could protect against multiple hypervirulent strains of Cdiff and could effectively prevent relapse.

Previous Portfolio companies: Kirrhos Pharmaceuticals-developing a small molecule for nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH).