Scott Rollins, Ph.D.

Scott Rollins, Ph.D.

CEO, Tetherex Pharmaceuticals


Dr. Rollins brings over 25 years of experience in the discovery, development and commercialization of antibody-based drugs.  Dr. Rollins is currently Chairman and CEO of Tetherex Pharmaceuticals Inc., a privately held biopharmaceutical company that recently completed a $50M Series B round. Tetherex is focused on developing novel selectin inhibitor products to treat thrombosis, inflammatory diseases and cancer.

Prior to Tetherex, Dr. Rollins was President and CEO of Selexys Pharmaceuticals from 2008 to 2016 and was instrumental in the acquisition of Selexys by Novartis in 2016 for $665M.

Dr. Rollins was a co-founder of Alexion in 1992 and served as Head of Drug Development. Alexion raised over $800M in the private and public markets between 1992 and 2007 and currently has a market cap of over $30B. He was responsible for the discovery, preclinical and clinical development of eculizumab (Soliris), a humanized monoclonal antibody that was approved by the FDA and the EMEA in 2007 and currently has annual sales of $3.5B.

Dr. Rollins has extensive experience with the FDA as he led the team that generated the regulatory approval filings (BLA, MAA) for Soliris. In addition, Dr. Rollins has managed more than 24 clinical trials and generated and filed 11 INDs. Dr. Rollins received a Ph.D. in Immunology from the University of Oklahoma in 1990, followed by postdoctoral work at Yale University. His work has led to more than 50 publications, 20 patents and $20 million in SBIR grant funding.